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Every family has their own distinct personality and way of being. It's one of the great things that tie families together. What do you do, though, when your family's  way of being isn't creating a peaceful environment?  When things are going well for each person in your family, the family, as a whole, does well. The flip side of that is when one person in your family is having a hard time, the entire family suffers. Your therapist can work with your family to make adjustments that will help each person  thrive, which will lead to the family thriving, as well.  


Family Therapy


Whether your teen is going through a crisis, having social trouble, depressed or dealing with anxiety, it helps to have someone they can talk to in a non-judgmental environment. Sometimes there’s a deeper issue that surfaces during counseling that is causing the symptoms that your child is experiencing.  Your therapist can help identify that root issue and jointly work through it with your child (and you!) to support a brighter future.

Play is the language of children. It is the most effective and developmentally appropriate form of communication that children use to express themselves and make sense of their world. They process their feelings and experiences through play. They learn how to regulate the full spectrum of emotions (enjoyable to uncomfortable) and establish helpful coping skills. They gain understanding of themselves and how their behavior effects others.  Through the therapeutic relationship, children gain self-esteem by learning to accept themselves unconditionally.


Let's face it, parenting is exhausting. Outside stressors, difficulty communicating,  personality differences, changing roles, and emotional crises (just to name a few) can strain the parent/child relationship and make parenting hard.  

Time spent with your therapist will focus on the parent-child relationship. We help you, the parent, understand your child better, understand yourself better, and create new ways of interacting that increase harmony within the relationship. 


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