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Many families use the private pay option for various reasons. Below you will find some of the most common reasons why.

1) The treatment and diagnosis of yourself and/or family will not be accessible to your insurance company.  

2) Many people seek therapy for general life problems and prefer not to be viewed from a medical model that requires a diagnosis, as is required by insurance companies.  

3) When paying privately, you and your therapist are allowed the freedom to decide the length, frequency, and modality of therapy.  

4) You can also pick your therapist and not worry about having to change therapists if you change insurance providers.



​​HopeTree Family Therapy  accepts certain insurance plans and is always working on adding more. Please call us at 715-770-9335 to find out if your insurance carrier is supported at our clinic. Also, keep in mind that you will be responsible for any therapy costs that your insurance company does not cover. 

Private Pay

HopeTree Family Therapy offers discounted private pay rates. Please keep in mind that the private pay rates are due at the time of each session. Cash, HSA, debit, and all major credit cards are accepted. The discounted private pay rates are listed below.

  • Intake Session -------------------------------------- $120
  • 60 Minute Session --------------------------------- $90
  • 30 Minute Session --------------------------------- $60